How Napoli and ‘Maradona’ Broke Through to become Europe’s Best Team

Napoli, a club steeped in history and legacy, has an incredible story that tells of remarkable success over the years. Founded in 1926, the team has seen its share of highs and lows, but it was Maradona’s arrival that changed everything and made Napoli one of Europe’s best teams.

Diego Armando Maradona joined Napoli from Barcelona in 1984 and the Argentinian star was an instant hit with his new team. He quickly became an icon of the city and had an incredible impact both on and off the field. His style of play was revolutionary; he combined dribbling skills, technique and vision to create a style never before seen in Italy. As a result, he brought huge success to Napoli as they won their first Serie A title in 1987 – their first ever major trophy – as well as two Coppa Italia titles during Maradona’s tenure at the club.

The ‘Maradonismo’ era also saw Napoli become one of Europe’s strongest teams during this time-period. The 1987/88 season saw them reach the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup where they faced Bayern Munich, who were crowned European champions later that year. Although Napoli lost out to Bayern at San Siro Stadium, they did manage to draw 0-0 at home which showed their remarkable strength as a side despite being relatively unknown in European competitions until then. They continued to improve significantly under Maradona’s guidance but they eventually fell short when it came to winning silverware on the continent again; however, they were still highly respected amongst numerous fellow clubs due their performances against top European sides such as Real Madrid or Chelsea among others.

While Maradona is still remembered fondly for his time with Napoli, another name deserves recognition: Kvaradona—the other Argentine genius who took over from El Pibe de Oro after his departure from Naples in 1991—Javier ‘Kvaradona’ Zanetti is perhaps not widely known outside Italy but remains an iconic figure within Italian football circles for his impressive tenures at Inter Milan and Sampdoria. His transfer fee alone should speak volumes about his skill set – Inter paid 11 billion lire (€5.7 million) for him– making him one of the most expensive players back then!

Kvaradona would bring similar success to what Maradona had achieved at Napoli by taking them back into Europe’s elite circles once again; reaching the UEFA Cup final twice between 1993-94 & 1995-96 seasons respectively while also achieving consecutive Coppa Italia titles throughout 1994 & 1996 respectively as well as several other domestic trophies to add onto this already impressive record during Kvaradona’s reign at Napoli . While he wasn’t able to emulate any kind of continental success like El Diego did for Naples earlier on, he remained a crucial part of their revival which allowed them to remain competitive against some big names from abroad such as Barcelona or Monaco….

In conclusion ,Napoli’s journey from being just another small regional club before Maradona arrived ,to becoming one of Europe’s best teams today is nothing short of remarkable . And it wouldn’t be possible without these two legendary figures – Diego Armando Maradona & Javier ‘Kvaradona’ Zanetti – who have brought so much joy & pride wearing the iconic Napoli jersey!